White Numen - A Sacred Animal Tarot

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White Numen - A Sacred Animal Tarot

Discover the Mystical Connection Between the Natural and Spiritual Realms

Embark on a spiritual journey with the "White Numen - A Sacred Animal Tarot," a breathtakingly beautiful tarot deck crafted by the talented Alba Ballesta González. Drawing inspiration from ancient rituals and the revered stories of sacred animal spirits, this deck serves as a bridge for seekers to reconnect with the natural world and explore the spiritual realm.


 - Uniquely Beautiful Illustrations: Each card in the White Numen Tarot Deck is a work of art, featuring sacred animal spirits interwoven with classical tarot imagery. The result is a collection of cards that are both ethereal and grounded, offering a contemporary twist on traditional tarot.

 - Inspired by Fantasy and Mythology: With a nod to the fantastical style of comic legend Moebius, the deck is adorned with powerful, mythical figures and landscapes that captivate the imagination. From the majestic Death, cloaked and riding a white horse, to the serene Queen of Pentacles surrounded by soft greenery, each card is a portal to another world.

 - Empowering Feminine Imagery: Celebrating the strength and mystique of women, the deck prominently features powerful female figures, embodying the essence of each card and inviting reflection on the divine feminine.

 - Dimensions & Specifications: Perfectly sized for handling and shuffling at 3.5 x 5.25 inches, the deck includes a comprehensive guidebook of 56 pages, offering insights into the symbolism and meanings of each card.