Lover's Path Tarot: Explore Love & Self-Discovery

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The Lover's Path Tarot Deck

The Lover's Path Tarot Deck is a unique tool that intertwines the mystical world of tarot with the profound insights of love archetypes.
Created by Kris Waldherr, this deck is designed to mirror our truest natures through the lens of love relationships. It serves as a guide for personal growth and understanding, whether in the context of a partnership or self-exploration.
The deck includes a comprehensive booklet and a spread sheet, enhancing the experience of divination and self-reflection.
Ideal for those seeking to deepen their insights into love, relationships, and their own inner workings, The Lover's Path Tarot offers a rich journey into the complexities of the heart.

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ISBN 978-1-57281-647-3
Size 78 cards, 3.5" x 4.75"
Language EN