The Mushroom Hunter’s Arcanum - Gold Gilded, Fungi-Themed Tarot Deck

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The Mushroom Hunter's Arcanum

Explore the Mystical and Natural World with The Mushroom Hunter’s Arcanum

Dive into a unique tarot experience with our enchanting Mushroom Hunter’s Arcanum deck. This fungi-themed tarot deck is not just a tool for divination but also a gateway to the fascinating world of mushrooms.

Luxurious Gilded Design: Each of the 78 cards boasts beautifully gilded gold foil edges, adding a touch of luxury and mystique to your tarot readings.

Unique Mushroom Illustrations: Every card is represented by a different mushroom, ranging from the well-known Fly Agaric to the rare Bleeding Fairy Helmet.

Deck Details: The Mushroom Hunter’s Arcanum comprises 78 unique cards, each a tribute to the diverse and intriguing world of fungi.

Educational Guidebook: Included is a 100-page guidebook detailing both common and scientific names of each mushroom, along with fascinating facts.

Dual Purpose: Ideal for tarot enthusiasts and mycologists alike, these cards serve both as a tool for divination and as a learning aid for mushroom identification.

User-Friendly: Whether you're a beginner or an experienced tarot reader, you'll find these cards intuitive and insightful.

Deep Connections: As you delve deeper into the deck, the symbolic relationships between the tarot and the characteristics of each mushroom will become clearer.

Creator's Vision: This deck is a labor of love, crafted to bring joy and enlightenment to its users, mirroring the fulfillment experienced in its creation.