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The Original Tarot Deck

The Original Tarot is a digitally remastered set of cards featuring the artwok of Pamela Colman Smith under the direction of Arthur Edward Waite. Printed on the finest card stock, the images are beautifully enhanced and the colors are vibrant.

A. E. Waite wrote the original guidebook, which has been updated and improved, just like the cards. Get a great historical deck modified for a modern audience; the perfect edition for tarot reading and your tarot deck collection.

Printed on 350gsm paper, this deck is highly durable and made to last. Using the latest technology, the cards have high color saturation, with crisp vectorized images.

  • There is no branding in the corner, making it professionally and aesthetically pleasing.
  • The back of the card has a simple, neutral design that our customers love.
  • The crisp images show even the smallest of details.
  • Our deck comes with a professionally written booklet that will help beginners learn all about Tarot reading.


Tarot reading has been used for divination since the 1700s, and every Reader develops his or her method for interpreting the cards. There are some fundamentals, but Readers are encouraged to explore and develop their own approach. The original artwork was produced in 1909, and entered the public domain in 2017, which allowed us to create a derivative work that is a much higher quality design.


Previous to Smith’s re-imagination of Tarot cards, the images were quite simple and didn’t have the detailed, colorful illustrations that she originated. Inspired by the world around her, Smith added human images and bright colors to Tarot cards. We kept the integrity of her artwork, but sharpened the line work, enhanced the colors, and improved the shading.


Card size
4.75 x 2.75 in (120 x 70 mm)
Paper Linen finish 350gsm art paper
Weight 9 oz (255 gm)
Number of cards 78
Booklet Included