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Witchlings Deck & Book Set

From Paulina Fae (aka Paulina Cassidy)

Paulina Fae introduces her 40 wonderful Witchlings in this enchanting new deck and book set. The Witchlings share their easy and uplifting spells to help you access your own powerful energy and natural abilities. The 200-page illustrated guidebook includes clear instructions for more than 150 spells with tips and insights from each individual Witchling. Whether used for incantation or inspiration, Witchlings will help you reach your positive goals.

Also by Paulina Fae: Joie de Vivre Tarot and Paulina Tarot and Spiritsong Deck and Book Set
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ISBN 978-1-57281-667-1
Size 40 cards, 3” x 5”; Book, 204 pp., b&w illus., pb.; Box 3.25” x 5.25”
Language EN
Author Paulina Fae
Artist Paulina Fae
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