Ancient Feminine Wisdom of Goddesses & Heroines Oracle Cards USGS

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Ancient Feminine Wisdom of Goddesses & Heroines Oracle Cards

Just as ancient people sought the oracles of the goddesses, today's readers can find inspiration and guidance from the eternal feminine wisdom. Beautifully illustrated cards and narrative text reveal the ancient insights of goddesses through the sacred art of divination. For each card, a descriptive narrative of the goddess’ myth or heroine’s story is given along with an oracular interpretation. A keyword for each card relates the goddess’ message to the human experience. Includes a 52-card deck, and a 64-page booklet. 

Brian Clark teaches astrology at the Chiron Center in Melbourne, Australian. He is the author of Celestial Tarot.

Kay Steventon is a professional artist who created Celestial Tarot (with Brian Clark) and Spiral Tarot. 
Weight 1.15 lb(s)
ISBN 978-1-57281-958-0
Size 52 cards 3.125” x 5”; Box size 3.25” x 5”
Language EN
Author Brian Clark
Artist Kay Steventon

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