Celtic Goddesses, Witches, and Queens Oracle

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Celtic Goddesses, Witches, and Queens Oracle



Discover Ancient Celtic Wisdom with the Celtic Goddesses, Witches, and Queens Oracle

Delve into the mystical and empowering world of Celtic mythology with this beautifully crafted oracle deck. Drawing from the rich well of wisdom of Celtic goddesses and powerful female figures, this deck is a portal to ancient pre-Christian Celtic spirituality.

Rich Mythological Archetypes: 40 beautifully illustrated cards represent the diverse figures of Celtic tradition, including nature, sovereignty, fertility, and elemental goddesses.

Deep Symbolic Meanings: Each card is a window into the aspects of Celtic traditions, helping you form a council of wise women for guidance and personal growth.

Comprehensive Guidebook: A 200-page book accompanies the deck, offering detailed explanations of the cards' meanings and their relevance in Celtic spirituality.

Authentic and Researched: Created with over 30 years of practical experience and authentic research, this oracle deck brings Celtic heritage to life for modern mystics.

Box Set Dimensions: The set is housed in a beautifully designed box, sized 1.8 x 4 x 5.5 inches (4.6 x 10.2 x 14 cm), making it perfect for safekeeping and display.