Christephania Kipper - Dive into Dream-Like Sceneries

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Christephania Kipper

 Explore the depths of your soul with the "Christephania Kipper" cards. This modern relaunch of the traditional Biedermeier cards by the artist and Kipper specialist Christephania invites you into a world of dream-like sceneries and expanded symbolism. Each card in this 36-card deck is a gateway to deeper understanding and introspection, making it a valuable tool for anyone interested in personal growth and soul exploration.

 Key Features:

- Unique Collage Artwork: The deck's unusual collages offer a fresh and modern take on the classic Kipper card imagery.

- Expanded Symbolism: While retaining the basic meanings of the classic cards, the symbolism has been modernized for deeper insights.

- Detailed Guidebook: The 128-page booklet provides insightful texts, explanations, and interpretation aids for each card.

- Soul Exploration: Ideal for diving into the deep levels of your soul and unlocking subconscious insights.

- Quality and Aesthetics: Printed on high-quality material, ensuring a premium tactile experience.