Constellation v2 Bicycle Playing Cards - Explore the Universe in Your Hands

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Constellation v2 Bicycle Playing Cards

 Available Individually or as a 12 Deck Set (Buy 12 for the price of 11!)

Discover the celestial wonders with the Bicycle Constellation Playing Cards. Each deck in this series represents a different constellation, offering not just a game of cards but a journey through the cosmos. Printed by the United States Playing Card Company with premium Casino quality, these decks are a blend of art and functionality, perfect for collectors, card enthusiasts, and astrological adventurers alike.

Key Features:

- Stunning Constellation Themes: Each deck features a unique constellation, beautifully illustrating the beauty of the night sky.

- Versatile Fanning Patterns: Designed to fan in 4 different directions, creating mesmerizing galaxy patterns.

- Premium Quality: Printed by USPCC with Casino-grade materials for durability and a superior feel.

- Artistic Design: The colors of the faces and backs are perfectly chosen to represent each constellation vividly.

- Special Offer: Buy the 12-deck set for the price of 11 decks, an excellent deal for collectors.

2023 Release.