Crystals & Chakras: An Oracle Deck for Inner Balance

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Crystals & Chakras: An Oracle Deck for Inner Balance

Discover the ancient wisdom of crystals and the power of chakras with the "Crystals & Chakras" oracle deck. Designed for anyone seeking to restore balance and harmony in their life, this deck offers a unique blend of crystal energies and chakra insights.

Key Features:

- Healing Energy: With 37 crystal cards and 7 chakra cards, this deck is a tool for aligning and balancing your energy centers.

- Guiding Insights: Each card, illustrated by Alessandra De Cristofaro, provides intuitive messages for personal growth and healing.

- Detailed Guidebook: Authored by Luca Apicella, the 64-page illustrated guidebook offers in-depth interpretations and usage instructions.

- Additional Helper Cards: Includes 6 helper cards for deeper understanding and application.

- Vibrant Artistry: The cards’ vibrant imagery not only guides but also creates an aesthetic experience.