Dreamers Tarot Deck By Marcella Kroll

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With this kaleidoscopic reworking of the traditional tarot, intuitive and artist Marcella Kroll takes its 78 cards down to their most fundamental archetypes. Instead of limits, this deck is about freedom: from good-and-bad binaries, unbreakable rules, and traditional morality. Instead of The Lovers, Marcella explores the concept of duality with The Twins. Instead of The High Priestess, there is The Oracle. Her spreads can be used to answer any questions about life. The Creator, The Architect, The Ancestor, and other nontraditional, non-gendered cards are excellent guides for readers who wish to divine their future and learn more about themselves with a contemporary, vibrant deck.

Kit; 3 7/8 x 5 3/8 inches; 64 pages, 78 illustrated cards and booklet.