Fearless: Fight Like A Girl Oracle Deck - Embrace Your Inner Strength

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Fearless: Fight Like A Girl Oracle Deck

The "Fearless: Fight Like A Girl Oracle Deck" is a celebration of feminine empowerment and courage. Authored by Angi Sullins and beautifully illustrated by Bente Schlick, this deck inspires you to embrace your fears with love and bravery. It's a perfect tool for anyone seeking to explore their inner power and face challenges with a heart full of courage.

Key Features:

- Empowering Messages: 44 cards filled with inspirational messages that encourage you to let your fear cooperate with your love.

- Stunning Artwork: Each card, illustrated by Bente Schlick, is a work of art, empowering and inspiring the user.

- In-depth Guidebook: The 104-page guidebook by Angi Sullins provides insights and interpretations for each card.

- Elegant Presentation: Copper gilt-edged cards and a gold and orange foil accented box add a touch of elegance.

- Unique Theme: Focuses on a new definition of fearlessness, emphasizing power through cooperation and inner strength.