Folklore Tarot Deck

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Folklore Tarot Deck: Myths & Archetypes Unveiled

Embark on a mystical journey through time and tales with the Folklore Tarot Deck. Drawing inspiration from the world's rich tapestry of mythology, this unique tarot collection unravels the deep-seated truths and shared experiences that tie our humanity together.

Why the Folklore Tarot Deck Stands Out:

  • Rich Inspirations: Dive into universal stories and symbols sourced from diverse global mythologies.
  • Timeless Wisdom: Each card reveals age-old truths, reflecting the shared essence of humankind's journey and experience.
  • Common Themes, Unique Perspectives: While mythologies differ across cultures, their shared themes and pathways are masterfully intertwined in this tarot deck.
  • Intricate Artwork: Every card is a testament to detailed craftsmanship, evoking the power and nuances of age-old tales and archetypes.

Whether you're a seasoned tarot reader or newly exploring the world of divination, the Folklore Tarot Deck offers a profound and enriching experience, bridging myths, legends, and the powerful symbology of tarot.

Included in Your Purchase:

  • A full 78-card tarot deck, beautifully illustrated and rooted in global mythologies.
  • An accompanying guidebook, offering insights into the stories and interpretations behind each card.
  • A durable box for storage, ensuring your cards are protected and preserved.

Connect with the shared stories of humanity, explore timeless truths, and tap into the vast wisdom of the world with the Folklore Tarot Deck.