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Great Eastern Oracle Cards

Empowering Guidance of the Mystics from Ancient to Modern Times

Explore the divine philosophies of forty mystics through the insight and artistry of Rassouli. Open secret doors, and wander into spiritual enrichment with the wisdom of Confucius, Gurdjieff, Rumi, Gibran and others. This 44-card and 176-page guidebook set offers gentle yet powerful concepts of the great Eastern sages for contemplation, guidance, divination and illumination.

Southern California author, visionary artist and inspirational guide, Rassouli is dedicated to illuminating the path to fulfillment and tranquility. He is the creator of numerous insightful oracle decks including Sufi Wisdom Oracle, Rumi Oracle, Journey of Love, and created artwork for Dream Oracle Cards and The Hero's Journey Dream Oracle.
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ISBN 978-1-64671-092-8
Size 44 cards measure 4.9” x 6.7”
Language EN
Artist Rassouli

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