Gypsy Fortune Telling Cards Piatnik

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Gypsy Fortune Telling Cards

Gypsy Fortune Telling Cards. This deck is worth checking out if you’re keen to shuffle in Gipsy Lenormand style! These interesting cards have name titles in 6 languages and are simply quite fascinating with quaint images and very detailed back grounds that will open up secret thoughts and meanings. Cards contain many of the delicate romantic Romny Gipsy Lenormand Colors and symbolisms. They are well presented for the price, fun and easy to read. 62-page instruction booklet in German, English, French, Hungarian, Italian and Croatian. Booklet contains unique Gipsy Card Spreads from years gone by and Gipsy's Answers. 36 Cards. Bridge Size.

Created in Austria by PIATNIK. The Piatnik factory was established in 1824 and is a recognized symbol of Vienna. When speaking about Playing Cards in Austria or anywhere else in the world, PIATNIK inevitably comes to mind.  Both the production methods and the assortment have changed significantly in the 185-year history of the company. An annual output of 25 million Playing cards, 1 million Board Games and 1 million Jigsaw Puzzles is proof that traditional games have lost none of their appeal. As ever Playing cards remain the central product category and PIATNIK offers the largest selection of standard and luxury Playing Card items worldwide. In the interest of product diversity and quality PIATNIK constantly pursues technical advancement and innovation in the production and processing of its wide range. 

Deck is brand new and is sealed in cello wrap.

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