Heavenly Angel Oracle Deck - Connect with Celestial Wisdom

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Heavenly Angel Oracle Deck

Embark on a spiritual journey with the "Heavenly Angel Oracle Deck," your gateway to divine guidance. This deck is a tool for anyone seeking wisdom and insight from the higher realms.

Key Features:

- Divine Connection: Each card in this 50-card deck represents a unique angel from various religious traditions, offering a bridge to celestial wisdom.

- Guidance and Growth: These cards serve as a medium to receive messages from angels, aiding in your spiritual and physical development.

- Inspirational Artwork: Beautiful, intricate designs grace each card, inviting you to delve deeper into the angelic realms.

- Comprehensive Guidebook: Accompanied by a 64-page full-color illustrated guidebook, providing detailed interpretations and usage instructions.

- Comfortable Size: Cards measuring between 3” and 5”, ideal for handling and shuffling.