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Intuitive Tarot Book

This workbook, illustrated with the Morgan-Greer deck, was written to help readers develop confidence in their own insights as they work with tarot. For each card, there is description with prompts to explore the card meanings. In this Revised Edition the feminine voice produces an added dimension to each of the Major Arcana cards, and encourages the reader to further call upon the “other” in his or herself. The book includes spreads and ideas for tarot-reading activities.

"Moving through life is made easier with hope, trust, determination and friends... and there is a friend inside all of us, an 'inner teacher' made accessible and visible through the medium of the Tarot. Intuitive Tarot has been written with the aim of making this friend readily available to everyone. Not just your neighborhood mystic."
—Richard Prosapio
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ISBN 978-0-88079-495-4
Size Book Size: 4.75" x 9.75", 92 pp.
Language EN
Author Richard Prosapio with Elizabeth Prosapio
Tarot Deck Not Included