Manifest Anything You Want - BY SHANTINI RAJAH

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Become a Masterful Manifestor

Join Shantini Rajah on a delightful manifesting journey that integrates spiritual and scientific concepts with simple exercises and tools anyone can use to attract their dream life.

Shantini's approach includes six magical yet practical ingredients and a unique, Microaction Manifesting tool called 1 Healing Breath that helps you call in your greatest desires in just a few moments each day. Featuring much more than generic techniques, this book helps you generate a deep sense of safety in the body, mind, and spirit so you can confidently and joyfully partner with the Universe to receive everything you desire.

Whether you want to start a successful business, find true love that lasts a lifetime, or bravely speak your truth, Manifest Anything You Want will get you there in ways that are inspiring, easy, and fun.