Mystic Dreamer Tarot - A Journey into Imagination and Intuition

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Mystic Dreamer Tarot - A Journey into Imagination and Intuition


Embark on a mystical journey with the Mystic Dreamer Tarot. Designed to illuminate your path through the shadows of the unknown, this deck is your guide to exploring the hidden corners of your dreams and intuition. Acclaimed tarot author Barbara Moore and talented digital artist Heidi Darras bring to life a tarot experience that's both profound and enchanting.

Key Features:

- Rich Imagery and Deep Symbolism: Wander through a world where moonlit paths and mystical symbols open the doors to your inner self. Each card is a work of art, blending traditional tarot themes with a magical, dreamlike aesthetic.

- Expert Guidance: Barbara Moore's insightful interpretations provide a solid foundation for beginners and a refreshing perspective for seasoned tarot readers.

- Intuitive and Versatile: Whether you're drawn to traditional card-reading methods or prefer to rely on intuition, the Mystic Dreamer Tarot adapts to your style, offering introspective questions and detailed meanings.

- About the Creators: Barbara Moore's decades of tarot expertise, combined with Heidi Darras's striking digital artistry, create a tarot deck that's both insightful and visually stunning.

- Ideal Card Size: Each card measures 6 inches by 8 inches, perfect for easy handling and a clear view of the intricate designs.

- Includes ad detailed guidebook along with 78 cards