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Omegaland Tarot Deck 

Omegaland situates tarot in a dystopian world where resources are scarce and violence is rampant. Society has been brought to its knees but humanity and hope manage to shine through in this intense 78-card tarot deck. With fascinating back stories in the 52-page booklet, urban warriors give their unique perspectives on the Fool’s journey through the Omegaland landscape.

Omegaland also includes game instructions for a strategic trick-taking game by Karen Boginski. Deck includes six additional cards with gameplay hints, goals, powers, and scoring guidelines.

Joe Boginski received his BFA from The School of Visual Arts in New York City. His illustrations appear in Hooyah: Navy SEALS Card Game, Classic American Rides Playing Cards, and Special Ops and Elite Forces Playing Cards.
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ISBN 978-1-57281-761-6
Size 85 cards measure 2.875” x 4.5”
Language EN
Author Joe Boginski
Artist Joe Boginski
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