Oracle of Destiny - Discover Your Path with Palmistry

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Oracle of Destiny

Unlock the secrets of your soul with the "Oracle of Destiny," a unique deck inspired by the ancient art of palmistry and chiromancy. This deck is perfect for those fascinated by the esoteric traditions and seeking personal insights.

Key Features:

- Palmistry-Inspired: Drawing on the wisdom of palmistry, this deck allows you to explore the profound aspects of your personality and destiny.

- Contemporary Artwork: Each of the 50 cards is adorned with contemporary pop art illustrations by Paola Vecchi, making them not just tools for divination but also works of art.

- Astrological Elements: Integrating symbols and references from astrology, the deck offers a dynamic method for personal insights.

- Detailed Guidebook: Accompanied by a 128-page guidebook authored by Azzurra D'Agostino, providing deep insights into each card’s meaning and usage.

- Versatile Size: Cards are sized between 3” and 5”, ideal for easy handling and shuffling.