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Oracle of the Trees Deck

Oracle of the Trees presents a global voyage among the sacred trees of numerous cults, cultures, past and present. This deck and book set expertly explores botanical wisdom from history, philosophy, myth, magic and spiritual traditions, revealing the profound role trees, real or imagined, have had in our lives. From these stories we learn how the tree can be understood as a bridge between man and the divine. 

Each tree’s description includes botanical and historical information, symbology, keywords, meanings, and advice. Instructions are also given for divination. Oracle of the Trees helps us discover our destiny, by listening, as in the past, to what they are whispering to us.

Set includes 32 cards and 156-page illustrated guidebook.
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ISBN 978-1-64671-020-1
Size Box, 4.4” x 6.4”; 32 cards, 3” x 4.5”
Language EN
Author Francesca Romana Valente
Artist Mariuccia d’Angiò