Steele Wizard Tarot: the Language of the Soul

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Steele Wizard Tarot: the Language of the Soul

Discover a New Era of Tarot with the Steele Wizard Tarot Deck

Embark on a transformative journey with the Steele Wizard Tarot. This 88-card deck, born from a fusion of art and a deep love for Tarot, brings ancient teachings into the modern age, offering a unique tool for enlightenment and self-discovery.

Expanded Deck for Deeper Insights: The deck includes 78 traditional Tarot cards plus an additional 10 cards, offering a more comprehensive guide to your Tarot readings.

Masterful Illustrations: Each card is meticulously designed, providing clear and concise messages that eliminate guesswork and open new perspectives.

Innovative Companion Book: A 192-page guidebook accompanies the deck, featuring in-depth card analysis, exclusive spreads, and extensive guidance on interpreting repeating cards and timing.

Enhanced Learning Experience: Perfect for both beginners and seasoned Tarot enthusiasts, this deck and guidebook set will unlock new dimensions of personal understanding and spiritual growth.

Card Dimensions: Each card measures 3" x 5", crafted for comfortable handling and easy shuffling.