Sunstone Necklace

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Sunstone Necklace

One way people incorporate Sunstones into their lives is through jewelry: Sunstone is used to enhance personal power, invite luck, personal energies such as one's passion, creativity, determination, and improve organizational skills. The Sunstone properties are connected to the energy of the Sun.

A Sunstone resonates directly with one’s solar plexus and sacral chakras. This crystal’s bright and positive energy aligns your mind, body, and spirit with its high vibrations.

Having a range of healing properties…

-Supporting the body’s natural healing processes

-Alleviating rheumatism and general aches

-Supporting metabolism and digestion

-Enabling spiritual growth

-Instilling good nature, intuition, and stress relief

-Encouraging self-assurance, optimism, and emotional toughness

-Promoting self-confidence and courage

To maintain its effectiveness; regular cleansing and careful handling are needed.

Sunstones can range in different colors from peach-pink to bright orange, and even light red at times. 

Material: Leather waxed rope necklace with Lobster clasp

Size: 17” long with 2” extender chain

**This Sunstone was ethically sourced in India.