Tarot de Marseille - Authentic 18th Century Reproduction

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Discover the Timeless Wisdom of the Tarot de Marseille

Immerse yourself in the mystical world of tarot with this faithfully reproduced Tarot de Marseille. This deck brings to life the authentic artistry of the 18th century, offering a unique window into the history and tradition of tarot reading.

Authentic Reproduction:

- Deck Details: The Tarot de Marseille is a high-quality reproduction of the iconic 18th-century "Tarot Rhenan" by Ignaz Krebs.

- Artwork: Each card in this 78-card deck features the original, simplistic line drawings, colored in a historically accurate palette of red, blue, green, and yellow.

- Printing Style: Embracing the charm of the era, the deck replicates the slightly misaligned colors characteristic of the woodblock printing methods used at the time.

- QR Code Feature: A QR code is provided at the bottom of the box for easy download of the tarot rules.

A Journey Through History:

- Origins: The Tarot de Marseille is a French tarot deck, believed to have been created in the late 17th century.

- Influence: It draws inspiration from earlier Italian decks and has significantly influenced many modern tarot decks, including the renowned Rider-Waite deck.

For Enthusiasts and Collectors:

Whether you're a seasoned tarot reader or a collector of historical artifacts, the Tarot de Marseille is a must-have. Its combination of historical authenticity and artistic beauty makes it a valuable addition to any collection.

Embrace the Legacy:

Join the ranks of tarot enthusiasts, artists, and spiritual seekers worldwide who have found inspiration in the Tarot de Marseille's timeless imagery.

Deck is standard tarot size; 2.75" x 4.75".