The Druidcraft Tarot - Embrace the Wisdom of Nature and Spirit

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The Druidcraft Tarot

"The Druidcraft Tarot" merges the paths of Wicca and Druidry with the traditional art of tarot to offer a deck rich in natural wisdom and ancient spirituality. Authored by Philip and Stephanie Carr-Gomm, prominent figures in the pagan movement, and illustrated by the respected Druid and artist Will Worthington, this deck has been celebrated for over 15 years. Its powerful images, rooted in ancient storytelling, provide a gateway to your inner spiritual world, deepening your connection with the earth and her cycles. The set includes 78 cards and a 192-page book explaining the link between each card and the teachings of Druidry and Wicca.

Key Features:

- Nature-Based Spirituality: The deck combines Wiccan and Druidic traditions for a unique spiritual experience.

- Rich Imagery: Will Worthington's artwork is both powerful and evocative, deeply connecting with nature and ancient lore.

- Comprehensive Guidebook: The 192-page illustrated book offers detailed insights into each card's meaning and its spiritual significance.

- Spiritual Connection: Ideal for those seeking to align with natural rhythms and the wisdom of the earth.

- High-Quality Materials: Ensures a durable and aesthetically pleasing deck for both readings and contemplation.