The Mind's Eye Tarot - Let Your Imagination Be Your Guide

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The Mind's Eye Tarot

"The Mind's Eye Tarot" by Olivia Rose is a visual and spiritual journey that awakens the imagination and delves into the depths of intuition. This 78-card deck, with its intricate mixed media artwork using tea and gold ink, is a celebration of creativity and emotional exploration. The borderless, linen finish cards with gold gilt edges invite you to connect deeply with the stories and symbolism of tarot, offering a pathway to self-discovery and personal insight. Accompanied by a 172-page illustrated guidebook, this deck is ideal for both beginners and seasoned tarot enthusiasts.

Key Features:

- Intuitive Artwork: Olivia Rose's artwork radiates positive energy, making each card a gateway to spiritual insight.

- Gold Gilt Edges: Elegant gold edges add a touch of luxury to the borderless cards.

- Quality Finish: Linen finish ensures durability and a premium tactile experience.

- In-depth Guidebook: Provides comprehensive meanings and messages for each card.

- Creative Exploration: Encourages a deep dive into emotions and personal stories through tarot.