The Secret Oracle of the Green Witch - Embrace Nature's Magic

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The Secret Oracle of the Green Witch

Journey into the heart of nature with "The Secret Oracle of the Green Witch." This enchanting deck, authored by Cecilia Lattari and illustrated by Betti Greco, invites you to explore the magic of Green, Hedge, and Kitchen Witchery. Perfect for anyone drawn to the natural world and its mystical powers, this deck is your guide to understanding the voices of the woods and the secrets they hold.

Key Features:

- Nature-Inspired Guidance: 50 beautifully illustrated cards, each offering unique insights into nature's magic.

- Enchanting Artwork: Betti Greco's illustrations capture the essence of plants, animals, and natural elements used in traditional witchcraft.

- Intuitive Guidebook: The 65-page illustrated guidebook by Cecilia Lattari provides detailed meanings and spellwork inspiration.

- Witchcraft Essentials: Learn about herbs, tools, and tales vital for charms, talismans, and potions.

- Mystical Connection: Ideal for connecting with nature and enhancing your spiritual practice.