Wheel of the Year Ostara Playing Cards by Jocu

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Wheel of the Year Ostara Playing Cards by Jocu

Explore the Pagan Roots of Easter with Wheel of the Year Ostara Playing Cards by Jocu

Discover the ancient traditions of Ostara, a pivotal point in the pagan calendar, through our beautifully designed Ostara Playing Cards. Part of the Wheel of the Year series, these cards delve into the rich pagan origins of Easter, celebrating the return of the sun and the abundance of nature.

Key Features:

- Ostara Festival Theme: Embrace the essence of Ostara, the pagan roots of Easter, through these artistically crafted cards.

- Rich Mythological Artwork: Designed by Jocu Playing Cards and artist Evgenia Zhade, the deck features characters from Celtic and Anglo-Saxon mythology.

- Cultural Storytelling: Learn about Celtic herbalist goddess Airmed, guardian spirit Aibell, and the Anglo-Saxon god Tiw, all integral to Ostara's history.

- Quality and Craftsmanship: Printed in standard poker size, these cards are perfect for collectors, card enthusiasts, and admirers of cultural traditions.

- Artistic Collaboration: A blend of historical significance and contemporary design, ideal for those who appreciate mythology and art.

2023 Release.