Wheel of the Year Yule Playing Cards by Jocu

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 Wheel of the Year Yule Playing Cards by Jocu

Embrace the Ancient Traditions with Wheel of the Year Yule Playing Cards by Jocu

Experience the magic of Yule, the grandest celebration of the Anglo-Saxon calendar, through our exquisitely designed Yule Playing Cards. Part of the Wheel of the Year series, these cards are a tribute to the historic festival that inspired many modern Christmas traditions.

Key Features:

- Yule Festival Theme: Explore the rich history of Yule, from decorated trees and yule logs to the tales of Woden and the Wild Hunt.

- Mythological Artwork: Beautifully designed by Jocu Playing Cards and artist Evgenia Zhade, each card is a window into ancient traditions and folklore.

- Cultural Storytelling: Delve into the stories of Baldur, Saxneat, and other mythological figures, bringing the old tales to life.

- High-Quality Design: Printed in standard poker size, these cards are perfect for collectors, card enthusiasts, and anyone fascinated by cultural history.

2023 Release.