Justice Tarot Card Meanings

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Justice Tarot Card Meanings

(The above image is a copy of the Justice card in a standard Rider-Waite Tarot deck. The 6 symbols pointed out above are explained below.)

Card Description

The Justice card is less about law and order and more about fairness. Lady Justice sits on her throne with the scales of morality in balance. Wielding a sword, she is always ready to enact justice whenever the scales tip to one side or the other.

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With the sword, the figure is pointing upward and with the scales, the figure is pointing downward. This pose is reminiscent of The Magician’s pose. It illustrates the saying, ‘As above so below’. In other words, it suggests that we should live on earth as we would in heaven. This message is especially pertinent to a card that symbolizes justice.


Point 2 – SWORD

The sword is the weapon of the intellect. It is used to carry out justice, making the concept less abstract and more applicable to our lives. Whether the sword is used to honor somebody’s good actions in knighthood or used to condemn somebody’s bad action in death, the power of the sword is absolute.


Point 3 – SCALES

The scales of justice are a familiar symbol. Like the sword, it too is absolute. Always trying to preserve fairness and balance, the scales weigh all actions against what is just. If the scales remain balanced, the action is honored. If the scales tip, the action is condemned.


Point 4 – CROWN

The royal crown gives the figure in the card authority to hold the scales. Having three battlements and a square stone, the crown illustrates the spiritual and the material, ‘As above so below’, the trinity and the compass. Along with the four corners of the earth, the square stone can also represent the holy third eye, out of which the figure sees justice.


Point 5 – RED ROBE

The red robe illustrates the passion and emotion that the figure has for carrying out justice. While we sometimes associate the passions with wildness, in this card they are controlled and used for the enactment of justice.



To offset the passions, the grey columns represent impartially. Like the scales, the greyness illustrates the balance between black and white. The columns are a reiteration of the ones from The Hierophant and bring with them a religious connotation.


Tarot Reading


An Upright Justice card, naturally, encourages the sense of justice within us. Maybe you are about to make a huge decision with lots of consequences.  Take a step back and analyze the different choices before you using the lens of justice. Whichever choice seems the fairest, choose it and don’t look back. If you are seeking justice, then this card is a good sign that the scales will tip in your favor.



A Reverse Justice card suggest that perhaps injustice has been done in the past. Maybe you know about it, maybe you don’t. Search your memories to see if you have wronged somebody, intentionally or by accident. If so, make amends. Wrongdoings eat away at us whether we like it or not. You can only be at peace if you tip the scales back to equilibrium.


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