Seven of Swords Tarot Card Meanings

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Seven of Swords Tarot Card Meanings

(The above image is a copy of The Seven of Swords card in a standard Rider-Waite Tarot deck. The 5 symbols pointed out above are explained below.) 


Card Description

The Seven of Swords appears when you are hiding from something. The card depicts a man sneaking away from a military camp, while stealing five swords. This could be interpreted as either we are hiding our actions from others or are hiding our actions from ourselves and are in a state of denial.

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Point 1 – FIGURE

The figure is a paradox. On one hand, he is walking forward; on the other hand, he is looking backwards. This inconsistency suggest that the man is sneaking away from where he was. His sly smile reinforces this interpretation.


Point 2 – FEET

The man is walking on his tippy toes. This adds to the interpretation that he is sneaking away from somewhere. The red of his shoes illustrates the man’s passion while suggesting that his emotions have outweighed his intellect.


Point 3 – TENTS

The tents in the background convey civilization. Coupled with what the man is holding, it becomes clear that the man is stealing weapons from a military camp. While his motive are unclear, the nature of his actions leave little for a positive interpretation.



The five swords in his hand are a parody of the Five of Swords. While in that card there is at least the possibility that the man won the swords in a justified fight, in this card it appears obvious that the man’s intent is scandalous.



The two swords that the figure has left behind is again a parody of the Five of Swords. Unlike in that card, these two swords left behind could be used as evidence of the man’s misdeeds. They invoke carelessness and guilt.


Tarot Reading


An Upright Seven of Swords suggests that you are hiding something and trying to get away with it. Perhaps you are cutting corners to get things done. While the ends might be noble, the means have to be just as noble. Practice integrity so that your future is built on a firm foundation. Alternately, an Upright Seven of Swords could suggest that somebody is hiding something from you. Make sure that you have friends that you can trust.



A Reverse Seven of Swords suggests that you are deceiving yourself. In the age of social media, self-deception is as popular as ever. Instead of trusting in what your online profile says about you, trust in what your friends and family say about. Similarly, you might be experiencing imposture syndrome. In that case, trust in your intuition and rely on your support system.


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