Six of Wands Tarot Card Meanings

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 Six of Wands Tarot Card Meanings

(The above image is a copy of The Six of Wands card in a standard Rider-Waite Tarot deck. The 4 symbols pointed out above are explained below.)


Card Description

The Six of Wands illustrates the repose after a battle. It is a card of celebration and success. When a Six of Wands appears in your deck, recognize the important milestones in your life and be grateful for those who helped you along the way.

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Point 1 – HORSEMAN

The Six of Wands depicts a large man calmly riding a horse. The horseman is in a repose position. He is calculated and in control of the situation. This is a stark difference from the previous chaos of the Five of Wands.


Point 2 – HORSE

This change in dynamic is represented by the grey horse. The greyness of the horse symbolizes the balance between extremes.  As the rider commands this balance, conflict is adverted.



Behind the horse, there are many men marching along. Again, in contrast to the previous card, these men symbolize cooperation. They put away their ego and follow the leader into battle.



There are two laurels depicted in the card. One is worn by the horseman while the other is hung on top one of the wands. The laurel worn by the horseman is a crown of victory. It represents celebration after a battle. The laurel hung on the wand is a crown of grief. It represents the loss after a battle. True leadership requires both crowns.  


Tarot Reading


An Upright Six of Wands is a call for celebration after a significant milestone. It recognizes your ability and skills while suggesting that you be grateful in the face of achievements. It also calls on you to recognize those who helped you get to where you are. Take a moment to think about all of the people who have supported you through thick and thin.



A Reverse Six of Wands suggests that there has been a significant milestone in your life, but that you are internalizing your success without sharing it. There is nothing wrong with this. Everybody must process the events in their life their own way. Take caution not to undermine your success. You may keep your celebration private, but make it a celebration nevertheless.


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