Two of Wands Tarot Card Meanings

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Two of Wands Tarot Card Meanings

(The above image is a copy of TheTwo of Wands card in a standard Rider-Waite Tarot deck. The 7 symbols pointed out above are explained below.) 

Card Description

Like all Twos in the Minor Arcana, the Two of Wands is a card of decision. A figure stands on top of grey battlements and looks out towards the sea. Though the world is in his hands, he is hesitant to decide his journey. The Two of Wands reminds us to seize the day and to not fall prey to indecision.

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Point 1 – TWO WANDS

The two wands represent the duality of life and the contradictions one faces. The theme of two often illustrates many different kinds of contradictions: subjectivity/objectivity, subconscious/conscious, etc. They are a callback to The World card and express the potential of grappling with these contradictions through spiritual enlightenment.



The figure however does not wield both wands. He wields one with his left hand while the other wand rests against the battlement to his right. This suggests hesitancy. The figure in the Two of Wands has all of the resources needed and yet he remains on the battlement


Point 3 – GLOBE

This sense of hesitancy is further illustrated with the globe in the figures right hand. The figure has all of the potential in the world, he just needs a push to get started on his journey. The prospects of his journey look bright though as the figure looks out to the horizon.  


Point 4 – RED ROBE

The figure is clad in a red robe. Like in most other tarot cards, the color red symbolizes passion and will power. It draws the figure towards the journey and encourages him, however no matter how much passion the figure has, he must make the first step on his journey by himself.



On the left side of the battlement, there is a lily and a rose in the shape of a cross. Traditionally, the lily has been interpreted as a flower of purity from the spiritual realm while the rose has been interpreted as a flower of passion from the material realm. Together they form a union of opposites and encourage the figure to wield both wands at once.


Point 6 – WATER

The water on the horizon represents the call for adventure. The path is before the figure and yet he is still on the battlements in contemplation. The water reveals that the path can be dangerous however it is one that must still be sailed in order for the figure to reach his full potential.



The grey battlements act two-fold on the figure. On one hand, they provide the figure a view of the horizon for his journey. On the other hand, the hold the figure back from his journey. They represent a moment of rest and reflection however they are not the destination. The figure must choose to leave them behind if he is to ever experience the world he holds in his hands.


Tarot Reading


While the Ace of Wands illustrated pure potential, the Two of Wands manifest that potential into a concrete plan. An Upright Two of Wands encourages you to make that plan and to follow through with it. All Two cards in the Minor Arcana represent some choice. In the Wands suit, it is the choice to will yourself into the world.



A Reverse Two of Wands focuses on the hesitancy of the figure. Perhaps you have strong convictions and yet don’t act upon them. A Reverse Two of Wands encourages you to self-reflect on your motives and ideology in order to gain confidence to enact your will upon the world.


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